Second Chance Checking at Cyprus CU in Utah – Fresh Start Checking

Cyprus Credit UnionFounded in 1928, Cyprus Credit Union is a non-profit, full-service financial cooperative.The credit union offers various personal and business banking services including checking accounts, savings accounts and credit cards.

Fresh Start Checking

For those members who have some past banking issues or have been marked by ChexSystems, the credit union’s Fresh Start Checking is a second chance to improve the financial standing and rebuild banking relationship. Being listed on Chexsystems, you may have been denied to open any other traditional banking account, and the 2nd chance checking is a good option for you.

You’ll be required to make an initial deposit of $25 to open such an account with a monthly service fee of $5. Then a year later,there is also a chance for you to convert this account to a traditional checking account.

Note that if you want to apply for the special account, you should know those ChexSystems Report Criteria as below.

All of your records should be older than a year
There should be no more than 2 ChexSystems records
Every issue you owned should be less than $500


Tel: 801-260-7600

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