New List of 2nd Chance Credit Unions and Banks in Arizona

Banks of ArizonaNewest list of banks offering second chance checking in AZ. 2nd chance checking is a special type of checking accounts with higher service fees and fresh start.  But you can enjoy almost all benefits as you have a regular checking account. It is a second chance for those who have past banking challenges to start over.

Bank of Arizona has several branch offices in Tucson, Mesa, Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ. The bank offers opportunity checking with monthly service fee of $14.95. There is also an opportunity for customers to transfer their 2nd chance checking accounts into regular checking accounts, if the accounts can be kept in good standing for more than a year.

It is reported that Compass Bank will use TeleCheck instead of Chexsystems. In fact, Compass’ basic checking brings a second chance for customers with past banking issues to rebuild their checking relationship. Its opening deposit is $25 and monthly maintenance fee is $13.95. The bank has branches in many areas though out AL including Peoria, Sun City West, Phoenix, Glendale, Surprise.

Canyon State Credit Union offers 2nd chance checking for members who have been marked by Chexsystems or have history of some NSF activities. Anyone who plans to get the special account will be required to complete a online course which can teach you how to avoid future checking problems. Monthly service fee for this account is only $10. The credit union has branches in Goodyear, Phoenix, Payson, AZ.

Pima Federal Credit Union offers fresh start checking accounts with monthly maintenance fee of $10 and many other benefits such as unlimited check writing, free access to ATMs. Note that Pima only serves several Employee Groups and it has branches in Springerville and Tucson.

Tru West Credit Union offers opportunity checking accounts with many features such as Unlimited check writing, No per-check charges and Low monthly service fee. And there is also opportunity for you to transfer the special checking account into a regular checking account of Tru West. It has many branch offices in Texas and Arizona.

Tucson Federal Credit Union also offers second chance checking accounts to members who have past credit issues. It has five branches in Tucson. There is an advantage that there is no requirement of minimum balance for this type of checking account.

For those who live or work in the county of Yuma or La Paz, AEA Federal Credit Union offers Second Chance Checking accounts with no fees for Debit Card. There is no opening deposit and the monthly service fee is $10.

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