Liberty Savings Bank – 2nd Chance Checking in FL, CO, SC and OH

Liberty Savings BankEstablished in Highland County, Liberty Savings Bank was organized by some businessmen who founded the Lynchburg Building and Loan Association in 1889. With over 40 Financial Centers, Liberty has expanded into another three states. It provides financial services for several communities in South Carolina, Colorado, Ohio and Florida.

Clean Slate Checking

If you have negative history that has been reported to ChexSystems in the past, finding a bank willing to offer service to you may be some difficult. Clean Slate Checking is such a kind of second chance checking account that is able to help you  improve the financial standing and begin a firm financial in future. If you are denied to open a regular checking account, you should grasp  the chance to start a Clean Slate Checking account relying on your report’s severity with ChexSystems. Clean Slate Checking is a suitable option that is affordable and convenient. Building a fresh history of responsible money management, it helps you manage your account in a positive way.

  • You will enjoy these advantages:
  • There is no requirement of minimum balance.
  • Liberty will transform your account to a Liberty checking account of your option on your requirements after twelve continuous months without Non-Sufficient Funds.
  • A low monthly fee.

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  • Tel: 800-436-6300

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