Your Community Bank Offers 2nd Chance Banking in Indiana and Kentucky

Community BankFormed in 1991, Your Community Bank is a local bank serving in New Albany, Clarksville, Floyds Knobs, Sellersburg and Jeffersonville, IN. The bank offers savings accounts, CDs, IRAs, loans and checking accounts including free checking and 2nd chance checking. YCB has branches in two states of Indiana and Kentucky.

Your Community Bank’s New Opportunity Checking Accounts

If you have banking challenges in the past, New Opportunity Checking is a second chance for you to rebuild the record of financial credibility. There is no requirement of minimum balance. And the opening deposit is $50. You’ll be charged $9.95/month for the special checking account. Then you’ll be eligible for many privileges such as free mobile banking, e-Alerts, e-Statements and free internet banking etc. Just Click Here to Apply or Learn More!

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  • Tel: 812-981-7750

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