Second Chance Checking at Metrum Community CU in CO

Metrum Community Credit UnionMetrum Community Credit Union started to offer great financial services to its members in 1946.  To satisfy members’ needs and desire in the future, Metrum Community Credit Union also provides education and convenient services which are really competitive. It can provide many financial services including loans, checking, savings and other services to fit members’ needs.

Metrum Community Credit Union’s Second Chance Checking

Its Second Chance Checking Account is well designed for people who may not have good qualification for a standard checking at any other financial institutions, and you are able to gain another new opportunity with their 2nd Chance Checking. If you are one of those who had previous banking problems or have been reported to ChexSystems, it is a good chance for you to rebuild your credit.


It can rebuild your checking account history in a good way.
If funds are available in savings, the bank offers a free monthly automatic Transfer from savings to clear NSF.
There is no requirement of minimum balance
You will be charged $5/month for the service

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